Top 5 Basic Rules Of American Farmhouse Style You Must Follow

Farm house style

American farmhouse style appears to be one of the most popular and beloved home styles in the past few years. Why is it so appealing? Let’s figure out some characteristics that make this farmhouse style so symbolic and check out the 5 basic rules if you want a house in this design.

Why is the American farmhouse style so popular?

It is not difficult to see a house with American farmhouse style these days. Especially in the United States, with some regional variations, this style becomes an iconic trend and on its way to cover as many houses through time. A house designed in this way is usually recognized by its barn doors, large porches, small windows, or dominant fireplaces. Though there are evolving ideas from this style, there remain important features in terms of furniture, color palette, or materials. What makes American farmhouse style so trendy, here are some critical reasons:

Easy living is what the American farmhouse style aims and presents for. People usually look for a welcome, comfort and practical space in houses, and farmhouse decorating can meet these expectations. With a warm and cozy design, this style is suitable for a family and friends union. Home is where to stay and return, farmhouse design focuses on this feature to create the most relaxing space on every corner of the house. 

If you are finding a place for a retro time, American farmhouse style can also help you. The color together with rustic-inspired furniture, which is usually from wood materials, of this design is nostalgic and old enough for you to let yourself into deep moments. 

Another great element of this farmhouse style is shown by the clean and simple design, which let the owners decorate the house to their idea and lifestyle. There could be changes in any furniture or decorations items as long as it remains the soul of a farmhouse style. This flexibility feature makes the style much more appealing and favored to people.

So, when you already know what American farmhouse style is and wanna have or make one of your own, you gotta revise these packed rules before taking anything into action. 

5 basic rules of American farmhouse style you must follow

Rule #1: Focus on Practicality 

Despite a diverse increase in thought and ideas, practicality is the key when it comes to the American farmhouse style. This feature originates from the style’s existence, carrying along with handy and practical decorations. Hardly does this style obtain things with much preciousness or delicacy, it prefers the hardy style but still maintains the sophistication. 

A truss beam table would have a different value and aesthetics compared to a glass modern table, right?

Painted furniture, floral fabrics, or other artwork such as pastoral paintings and animal portraits are also gold choices. To get this right, you might use furniture which is inherited from family, hand-me-down items, or find rustic-inspired things in the flea market. 

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Rule #2: Neutral Palette

When it comes to American farmhouse design, neutral color leads to identification since it makes the wall to be clean and helps the furniture or other items in the house stand out. The main color is usually white, but you can use others such as beige, cream, or even grey. Make sure you do not paint it dark or colorful, or it will no longer be farmhouse style.

Rule #3: Incorporate wood

Using wood is a key element to bring a rustic look to the house. Remember to choose the wood that has similar stains. You could consider using them as furniture, frames, ceiling, or floor,…as long as it goes nicely with your space. Reclaimed wood, pallet wood, butcher block, or exposed wood beams are some types that you could reckon to add to your house. 

Rule #4: Natural element

Besides obtaining wood for the farmhouse design, nature could also be brought indoors through decorative elements such as plants. When it comes to greenery, be noticed with the one you choose to make sure that it combines in harmony with your space. Things like olive trees or eucalyptus branches would seem to add farmhouse air to your house without breaking the style set.

Rule #5: Design in distress

If you want a house with old and nostalgic elements, design it in distress. That is what a farmhouse style is. While new and modern criteria are for some designs, farmhouse style heads to its charm created by chipped paint or distressed features.

Those are the basic rules for an American farmhouse style. In case you have an intention to design one for yourself, make sure you do not dismiss these important instructions to get the most adorable house ever.

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