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Home sweet home. This is the place to find happiness. If one doesn’t find it here, one doesn’t find it anywhere.

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I have worked with TeeNimo team, they work professionally and full of inspiration.

Richard Taylor / MAXmedia

TeeNimo is our great partner for the past year. And I deeply apologize to your customers for the delayed delivery under exceptional circumstances.

Megan Perryman / UPS Customer Service Manager

The colors are bright and clear. Good construction and sturdy. It’s exactly like the picture that was shown.

Linda C. / Customer (Arkansas)



Oil Painting - Artwork of The Year - Night Cent

 $30,000  $10,000

The product will be made within 30 days by 3 artists.
Cultures, emotions of different continents, will harmonize in this oil painting.

The most elaborate product line. We take no more than 99 oil painting orders per year. Sorry if your order was declined.

Limited edition – only 1 item.
Please contact our support team: [email protected] before ordering this product. 

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About The Shop

Hi, I'm Natalie, the founder of TeeNimo.
During my 5-year journey to more than 11 countries, I have seen a lot of smiles and happiness. And when I returned to the United States, I realized I needed to do something bigger. By creating TeeNimo in January 2017, we started to realize this dream. Bring "Surprise", "Happiness" and "Keep It Forever in Your Home".
A special thing about TeeNimo is that the artists come from many countries: France, Italy, Spain, Vietnam, Japan, the United States, ... and we work with all our heart for you. See more about us here: About us